About Us – This Is J-Star

Serving an Attractive and Growing Market

From sporting equipment to automobiles to aerospace to healthcare, the usage and application of carbon fiber and composite products are endless. From weight reduction to increases in strength, the use of carbon fiber products is nearly limitless.

The carbon fiber and composite product markets continue to grow, driven by an extensive international customer base and accelerating market demand – and requiring a broad range of technologically advanced solutions and manufacturing skills.

J-Star is ideally positioned to benefit from those trends.

The Key to Success: Customer-Driven Innovation

Understanding our customers’ needs and turning them into our challenges – this is what motivates us daily and leads to our industry-leading innovation. Be it in products, solutions or processes across all disciplines, we combine customer input with our deep technological and carbon fiber know-how to relentlessly challenge the current limits of technology and strive for the optimal ultimate solution. Our robust pipeline is driven with purpose – to make lighter and stronger products that will benefit people around the world.