About Us

J-Star Holdings started in 2016 as a trading company for carbon fiber products and since then, we have devoted ourselves to the research, development, and manufacturing of carbon fiber materials and products. We also develop and formulate resins for composite products.

We create cutting-edge, high-value-added products that include carbon fiber-based composite materials, sporting goods, automobile parts, and healthcare products, as well as resins, carbon fiber sheets & films.

Our RD laboratories for resin and raw material research can customize and invent formulations to produce carbon fiber products that meet our client’s and the consumers’ needs.

In addition to the carbon fiber materials research and development, we have gone on to integrate the entire end-to-end process of producing raw materials to manufacture retail-ready products, by acquiring factories to manufacture (YMA Corp, 53 years in operation) to bicycle assembly ( France, Loire).

From our RD lab in Taiwan to factories in China for material and product production to assembly factories in Europe to produce retail-ready carbon fiber bicycles we are the true end-to-end carbon fiber experts.